Nov 17 2011

The story, faces behind our CFCA ‘thank-you’ video

By Judy-Anne Goldman, CFCA multimedia manager/producer

Sometimes someone says ìThank youî and you know that theyíre speaking from their soul. Those two words carry a profound meaning.

You know the person saying it has been deeply touched. You can see it in their eyes.

This video carries that kind of a message. Many of them!

CFCA communications correspondents in El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Kenya and the Philippines visited sponsored friends to capture their special messages to their sponsors, and to all sponsors who support people living in poverty.

The footage was taped in the past three months and then sent to CFCA’s Kansas City headquarters to be edited.

It’s really exciting that so many people worked together from so many different parts of the world to send such a short but powerful message in so many different languages!

I couldnít end this post without a HUGE thanks to our amazing video team: Henry and Ana Cristina in El Salvador; Luis, Gerver and Ricardo in Guatemala, Sreekanth in India, Regina in Kenya, to the team in Quezon City, Philippines; and to Michele in Kansas City for her fantastic editing skills.

And thank you for your continued support of CFCA and of families living in poverty around the world!

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Mar 10 2009

Support in a time of need

Dan Pearson of CFCA’s international programs introduces us to Preethi (a fictional name to protect her privacy), mother of a sponsored child and a member of one of India’s mothers groups. The women in her mothers group offered Preethi and her family a loan, protection and support during a time of great need. Now Preethi and her family have stable jobs, steady income and her child is attending school. Part two of four videos

Creating role models close to home (Part 4)
Mothers share their talents to improve their community (Part 3)
Watch an introduction to mothers groups (Part one)
What do we mean by “empowerment?”

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Dec 12 2008

CFCA Walk with the Poor brochure wins top honor at Philly Awards

CFCA†received the Best of Show honor at the sixth annual Philly Awards for our Walk with the Poor brochure.

The awards are presented by Nonprofit Connect, recognizing excellence in Kansas City nonprofit communications. CFCA also won first place for the Walk with the Poor brochure in the informational brochure category and second-place honors for the CFCA sponsorship brochure in the membership appeal category.

The Walk with the Poor brochure was created to encourage young people to go to the Walk with the Poor section on our website and learn how they can impact global poverty by helping a student finish school.

The Best of Show Award is selected from the first-place winners in 11 categories.

We created a video of the multi-fold Walk with the Poor brochure. Watch it unfold as it connects the dots…

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Dec 9 2008

Meeting Miriam

A sponsor realizes what sponsorship truly means after meeting her friend during a mission awareness trip†in El Salvador, October 2008. This video was created by Annie Winter, a CFCA volunteer in Latin America.

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