Mar 4 2011

My child is turning 18 soon. Will he/she be leaving the sponsorship program?

Ask Sponsor ServicesQ. My child is turning 18 soon. Will he/she be leaving the sponsorship program?

A. Not necessarily. Within the CFCA sponsorship program, eligibility for sponsorship does not depend on age. As long as your friend is attending school, including college, technical or trade school, he or she can stay in the sponsorship program.

The Hope for a Family sponsorship program provides children with the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

This means encouraging them to continue their education. As long as your friend is sponsored, he or she will receive help with tuition, books, school supplies, and even transportation and meal costs.

With the help of sponsorship, the burden of paying for education does not fall entirely on the family and it will be easier for your friend to stay in school and achieve his or her career goals, become self-sufficient and help support the family and community.

It may be helpful to ask your sponsored friend about his or her educational plans in your letters.

As a sponsor, you can be a positive influence in your friendís life. Encourage your friend to continue with school and let your friend know how proud you are of his or her effort.

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