Jan 7 2010

On the road: “Even the Earth’s a pilgrim”

The following is an end-of-year reflection by CFCA President and Co-founder Bob Hentzen as he walked along the route in Guatemala on the last day of 2009:

This is Dec. 31. The first 10k before dawn. Beautiful morning. Full moon. And the interesting thing is that the volcano called Pacaya is in eruption and weíre walking straight towards it. Our reflection: Even the Earth is changing. Even the Earthís a pilgrim.

Henry Flores [CFCA-El Salvador communications director] is kind enough to bring this recorder and my Flip camera out on the road together with Judy-Anne [CFCA-Kansas communications staff] and Loretta [CFCA-Kansas communications director]. They are filming as we actually go down the road. Everybodyís doing OK. Suresh [Hyderabad, India, project coordinator] has been fighting a fever and is taking a little break in one of the vehicles.

It is amazing to look at this line of volcanoes from Fuego, Agua, Acatenango, Pacaya: the ring of fire. It is just amazing.

Our little poet from last night [Miguel] is now walking with me. And when we reach the first stop he is going to be declaiming another poem that he calls, ìThe Challenge.î I asked the father a little about the family. There are two other children. Itís an uncle and the dad who teach this little boy these poems and acting.

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0 thoughts on “On the road: “Even the Earth’s a pilgrim””

  1. I am excited that I will be able to “take the walk” with you thru this blog. We pray for you & hope that God gives you all the stamina to finish your walk & keep you safe. May God smile on each of you as you continue each day.

    Marion Fotheringham
    proud sponsor of Ludwin, Santa Barbara project, Honduras.

  2. Best wishes to you, Bob, and all the team. We are with you in spirit. I’m meeting a woman after church today: she wants to sponsor a second child–a small Fernando in Bolivia who reminds her of her Filipino son. God bless.

  3. Think of you every day, Bob, and send you loving thoughts. I want to say hello to the staff. They are all a delight! Colleen

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